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Public health programs are designed to protect and improve the health of individuals, families, and communities through assessment, education, outreach, and evaluation. Hillside's current public health programs have brought improved nutrition, preventive fluoride treatment, health and disability awareness education to hundreds of people living in the Toledo district.

All students at Hillside gain valuable experience learning about public health. In addition, rotations for MPH students offer opportunities for work alongside Hillside's multi-disciplinary teams to further target community factors that often drive health outcomes. MPH students and Master's of Global Health students gain valuable insight and increase the reach of their field study by collaborating with Belize's Ministry of Health, Community Health Workers, and other NGO's.

Hillside Public Health field study rotations are open to those who are completing a Master of Public Health or a Masters of Global Health, have completed an introductory global health course, and are completing fieldwork as a component of their graduation requirements.

Click the following links to learn more about our public health program and potential student projects.

Click here to learn about the need for, impact, & future of Hillside's public health program.

To apply, click here: Public Health Student Application

A course fee is required from all student participants. Click here to pay Student Fees
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Please email the Clinic Director with questions about the program or projects: clinicdirector.hillside@gmail.com

Please email all application materials to the Director of Student Affairs: hillside.administration@gmail.com