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Mission Statement

Hillside Health Care International (HHCI) is a faith inspired, non-profit organization dedicated to serving God by providing medical care, disease prevention and community outreach and health education to the people of Southern Belize as well as offering global health education for medical trainees and local leadership development for staff.

Vision Statement

I. Hillside Health Care International (HHCI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to optimizing the health and quality of life of the residents of Toledo District, Belize by providing health care and physical rehabilitative services, educational outreach, and public health and wellness programs.

II. HHCI is committed to our patients, to the people living in our service area, to our health care trainees and volunteers who serve others through our program, to our staff, to our partners, especially the Belize Ministry of Health (MoH), and to long term financial stability.

III. HHCI seeks to foster healthy global attitudes and intercultural cooperation through the provision of a culturally competent, multidisciplinary educational program for health care trainees and volunteers. HHCI trains health care trainees in global health so as to enable them to better understand their role in the international community. Our hope is that Hillside trainees and volunteers will be deeply impacted by their experiences in Belize, making them better-rounded, more spiritual individuals and better world citizens.

IV. Hillside seeks to offer personal and professional development as well as opportunities for educational advancement and leadership training for members of the HHCI Belizean staff.

V. HHCI strives to be financially independent organization that provides sufficient and sustainable medical resources and an established recruitment system benefitting patients, staff, health care trainees, and volunteers while maintaining quality medical care, educational opportunities and community outreach by 2017.

VI. Through close collaboration with the Belize MoH and other local governmental and non-governmental organizations HHCI will expand its outreach to facilitate public health research, accessible care and disease prevention.