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The team heads in for a home visitOur medical team provides care for home-bound patients in the Punta Gorda area.

The Hillside Home care program provides medical and nursing care to homebound patients of Punta Gorda Town and nearby villages. Patients are seen on a monthly basis or more frequently as needed. Hillside’s long-term registered nurse and physician work together to provide quality care. The nurse assesses patients, supplies medication with education, supports patients and family members, advocates for patients, performs phlebotomy, wound care, catheterization, etc. in close coordination with the physician. The home health program is also an important part of the medical and pharmacy student curricula, enriching their Hillside experience greatly.

Hillside has recently started the first Palliative Care and Hospice Program in the Toledo district in order to better care for our patients at the end of their life. These patients are seen as part of the home health service.

Home care patient in the village of Aguacate A village community health worker and her mother One of our home care patients located in the Punta Gorda area